What does Dear Restoration offer?
Dear Restoration offers a no-compromise renovation and draught-proofing service for timber sliding sash windows, casement windows and doors.

What are the benefits of draught-proofing sash windows?
The Weatherpile Draught System:

  • Eliminates draughts and rattling noises
  • Increases energy efficiency, which reduces heating bills
  • Improves security
  • Minimises incoming air pollution from busy roads
  • Reduces noise levels from outside
  • Ensures that sashes can be opened and closed smoothly

How will the Weatherpile Draught System improve comfort levels in my home?
Maintaining the traditional features of your sash windows used to mean compromising on comfort. Weatherpile Draught System eliminates problems associated with old sash windows, such as draughts, rattles, rot and operational issues. It allows you to save on energy costs, while still enjoying the beauty of your traditional wooden sash windows, regardless of the weather outside.

How long does it take to service a window?
Typically, depending on size, it takes one day to overhaul, service and install the Weatherpile Draught System into the two halves of a sliding sash window.

Will I get a guarantee?
Dear Restoration offers a five-year guarantee that covers the Solutions Brush Pile System and any associated repairs.

Will my property be secure whilst the work is taking place?
Yes. At the end of each day all windows are left either completed or fully secured.

Is the Weatherpile Draught System suitable for Listed Buildings?
Yes, the system is suitable for listed buildings and conservation areas, even where replacement windows are deemed unacceptable. Listed Building consent is not required.

Should I consider replacing my wooden sash windows with an alternative?
Your original sash windows contribute significantly to the character of your period property. A historic building loses its integrity when its original features are removed, we believe it is always better to respect, protect and preserve wherever possible.

Can single or double-glazed sash windows be reinstated in my property?
Yes. Sash windows can be reinstated, even if the original sash boxes have been removed. By matching existing mouldings and beading, or examining original sash windows in similar neighbouring properties, we can replicate the window’s original design.

The new sash frames can be supplied in both single or double-glazed units. Due to the intricacies of double-glazed frames, each case is treated individually.

Can the Weatherpile Draught System be installed into traditional wooden casement windows and doors?
Yes. The system can be installed into all period timber windows and doors.

Will you paint my windows?
Any new exposed joinery will be primed and sealed. As painting and decorating are not our specialty, we work with our preferred partners and oversee their work on your project. We are also happy to leave this entirely to you, if you have your own preferred specialist.

Will there be much disturbance to my home?
Prior to starting work we ask for any furniture and ornaments be removed from the window area. Dust sheets and extraction equipment are used to keep dust to a minimum. When sash frames have been painted closed, a small amount of paint chipping may occur when they are released. When replacing sill sections, some unavoidable replastering may be necessary.

Great care is taken over cleanliness, ensuring the absolute minimum of disruption and inconvenience.